Several teams have asked about being able to have more than 1 adult volunteer “split” a role or possibly have 2 volunteers willing to each take half a day or similar.  I didn’t want to do this, as it is a lot more work for me to manage, but I have compromised as I do understand how difficult this is to manage for teams – particularly school-based teams organized by teachers that may not have a supportive parent base.  There are also several roles that are unique to NorCal  (like the Kids Choice Awards).

I have identified the roles that are open for the team adult volunteer.  Please send your team’s adult volunteer the link before they sign up!  

Below is a table listing of roles that are specifically not open to be filled by the team’s volunteer.   However, if you have high schoolers that are interested in volunteering – the list of roles does identify which ones can be filled by a high school student.

Each team must provide 1 adult, post high school volunteer that will sign up 1 full role OR 2 volunteers that each sign up for 1 half role.  Of course, your team can help more by having more volunteers sign up – we need a total of about 150 to 200 total volunteers, so additional volunteer help would be greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT:  All volunteers must register in VIMS, apply for a role at the specific tournament event and (if over 18 years old) pass the FIRST required background screen –  there can not be any substitutions of the team’s adult volunteers during the tournament day due to the background screening requirement instituted by FIRST.    The team coach or co-coach may sign up to be the team’s volunteer but only for 2 types of roles:  bringing challenge table and/or to help with setup.  Those are the only roles that I will accept the coach or co-coach to be the team’s volunteer.

Before signing up – please have your team’s volunter check the  current status if the position has been filled, along with descriptions and approximate hours each position is needed


The following roles are listed in VIMS for FLL events.  – However, they are not available for the team’s adult volunteer to fill.  Several can be filled by high school students (for community service) – they are marked in red bold.

Assign Me As Needed
Assistant Scorekeeper
Core Values Judge
Field Resetter
General Volunteer Role for High Schooler…
Head Core Values Judge
Head Project Judge
Head Judge Assistant
Judge Assistant  (only if not affiliated with any FLL Teams)
Pit Runner
Practice Table Assistant
Project Judge
Robot Design Judge
Score Runner
Traffic Control/Security
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Room Assistant