I have a few (wonderful) team parents and coaches asking what else (besides event volunteering) that they can do to help pull together each of the Championships… here are a few items/tasks that would help.  IMPORTANT, please send email to teaminfo@playingatlearning.org to confirm  (particularly important if you are bringing food or beverages).

For All Championships:

  1. Contact your local media and help get publicity for Playing At Learning and this outstanding program! Let us know if you need more information about Playing At Learning, FIRST, or the FIRST LEGO League program.
  2. Invite your local elected and appointed officials to be a VIP at event – please let us know if you have invited someone so that we can make sure that they have a name tag and are ready for them
  3. Invite executives or people of influence at local companies to be a VIP at event – help us get Program Sponsors so that we can reduce the cost to participate AND increase our support for High Need Communities!
  4. Help recruit volunteers – particularly for setup and cleanup! Many of the volunteer roles can be filled by high school students
  5. Pull together and bring a fun (age appropriate) music playlist on your player (laptop or ipod or similar) to get the kids dancing.  I can send you a FIRST approved playlist if that would be helpful but we would love to include more international music
  6. Pull together a collection of videos about FIRST LEGO League that we can play during breaks
  7. Arrange for a FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition team to come and bring their robot for demo(s)
  8. Take care of details to live stream the event  [We don’t have any access to school’s network – so need to use cellular network]
  9. Donate water, soda, juice, or similar beverage for our volunteers
  10. Bring (home made) pastries, sweets or snacks for our volunteers
  11. Printing Help to donate color copies of Judge Rubrics, Scoresheets, schedules/forms, name tags.  Even offering to print some items is helpful.
  12. Donate name tag lanyards and plastic nametag holders
  13. Donate pens and pads of lined paper (for judges)