If you are a detailed person and want to help QA the 2016 reworked 36-team schedule,  there are several “views” now available for your review on a public Google drive folder.   Let me know if you see any inconsistencies…

I would recommend starting with the file titled, “Graphical_OverviewAllActivities.pdf”  which is the “master” view and shows the entire day in a visually graphical way.  I am particularly interested in making sure that the List_IndividualTeamPerPage.pdf view is correct since that is the version that I hand out to each team but I would like to make sure that every view is correct.

One thing that may be confusing to you is that the teams are scheduled for Robot Inspection 5 minutes ahead of their match.  So the Referee View may show a 9:20am match but the queuer/inspector/team views will show this as 9:15am.

Reminder that teams are assigned a random pit number and the way that you find out  your assigned pit number is to complete your championship registration requirements.  Once your know your pit number,  you can use the files to get your exact schedule for the day.   Reminder that the pit numbers are all pre-assigned and can not be changed, so please do not ask.

This is the schedule that will be used at the East Bay, Capital and Silicon Valley Championships.

40 Team UPDATE:   The 40 team schedule that will be used at the Peninsula Championship will be nearly identical to the 36 team – basically the last judging block will see 16 teams before lunch instead of 12 and each game round will have 2 additional matches (and in a group of 10 teams instead of 6).   There are files that start with “40Team” in the public Google drive folder to review/QA.


Why did I change the schedule?   Two reasons.   The primary motivator was to give the judges more deliberation time that could include callbacks and/or informal observations/interviews.  The second motivator was to make sure that we had a schedule that we could meet  – last year every single championship ran late which was a sign that it was not an exceptional issue but a systemic issue.