We are excited to announce that our region has several post-season invitational slots available for our teams.  This season we expect to send 1 or more teams to each of the following post-season invitational competitions:

  1. FIRST LEGO League World Festival – Houston, Texas USA, April 19-22
  2. FLL Open European Championship –    Navitas, Aarhus, Denmark, May 25-28
  3. Flyer,  Facebook:Razorback Open – Fayetteville, Arkansas USA, May 18-21
  4. Mountain State Invitational – Flyer – Fairmont, West Virginia USA, July 7-9
  5. LEGOLAND North American Open – Carlsbad, California USA, May 19-21
  6. FIRST® LEGO® League Asia Pacific Open Championship – Sydney, Australia, July 6-9

The Champion’s Award winning team at each Championship will  select which 1 event to attend in order of priority as follows:

  1. East Bay
  2. Peninsula
  3. Capital
  4. Silicon Valley

After all of  the Champion’s Award winning teams choose,  we will open remaining slots to any Championship team that won a Core Award (ie not Judges or the Kids’s Choice Awards – but all other awards).   There are multiple slots available at several of the events, so if your team is interested in participating stay tuned for instructions on applying to represent Northern California at one of these awesome post-season invitationals!