DEADLINE to complete team’s registration can be found here: Peninsula, Silicon Valley, Capital . If you miss the payment and volunteer deadlines another team may be selected to take your spot.  If you miss the jotform deadline, your team information may not be in the tournament program book.

Item 1. Pay Championship Tournament Registration fee ($300) –  Each team will have its own  unique payment link. Go to the team list for your Championship and click on the “Pay” link.

Item 2.
  Have your team’s  ADULT, post high school volunteer sign up on  and be assigned into a role.  IMPORTANT NOTE: your team’s volunteer must add the team number in the availability/comment box – also please have them look first at the  list of available roles and current status of which ones are filled, hours and description.

Each team is required to provide an “effective all day” volunteer. This can be fulfilled in 3 ways:  by 1 person picking 1 full day volunteer role; or 1 person filling 2 separate, non-overlapping half day roles; or by having 2 different team volunteers each fill half day roles.   Again, please make sure that your volunteer adds a comment to list their team number when they apply on the dashboard site so that can match up your team’s volunteer with your team’s registration status.


The following items 3-6 do not get emailed – they get entered/uploaded in a jotform!       

Item 3
. Provide team photo (in PNG, GIF or JPG only)  – Note that the picture will be published in the tournament program.  This will get put into an area that is 1.5″ high by 2″ wide.

Item 4. Provide robot picture (in PNG, GIF or JPG only)  – Note that the picture will be published in the tournament program.  This will get put into an area that is 1.4″ high by 2″ wide.

Item 5. Provide team overview  (200 to 250  characters) text.  Include information such as any team sponsors,  your robot’s name (if there is one) and the team’s project title or specific project issue – this information will be published in the tournament program.   If you list team member names, please do not include full names of team members – first name only is fine.

Item 6. Provide a project title  (15 to 20 characters) text explaining the specific issue/solution that your team picked for their project – this should be very short. This information will be published in the tournament program

When all 6 items above are received,  the team’s Pit Number  is posted on the team status table.    This allows you to know your team’s detailed schedule for the day.


Item 7.   Prepare pit “decorations” / team costumes / and team give-aways for Kids Choice Awards!   Kids Choice Award Categories   (same as previous years)  Note no stickers, candy,  or similar will be allowed.  We have had a continual problem with these items getting stuck to the floor and having issues with cleanup!

Please email your questions to, be sure to include your team number.