Does your team really need to swap championship tournaments? Please read carefully.

Playing at Learning is coordinating a swap between championships.  This is a 1 for 1 exchange just between teams that are attending different championship tournaments.  If your team is willing to swap or needs a swap,  please have the PRIMARY REGISTERED COACH  (based on the FIRST Team registration database) add a comment to this page – please use the email address to register that you used to register the team.  Please do not add any commentary on reason why or other information.

Just put one of the following options:

1.  Need Swap :  Team  #<insert team number, not name!>  currently  in <which Championship>,  can go to <which Championship(s)>


2.  Willing to Swap : Team #<insert team number, not name!>  currently in <which Championship>,  can go to <which Championship(s)>


Note that if you don’t use one of these 2 accepted formats,  I will not approve the comment. 

Here are 2 examples:

Example 1.  Need Swap: Team #5 currently in Silicon Valley, can go to Peninsula or Capital.
Example 2:  Willing to Swap:  Team #5 currently in Capital, can go to Peninsula.

Based on a first come, first served model of comments that follow the required format, we will “pair” up teams to swap.  we will notify both teams AND then delete their comments, so you should only see comments from “unpaired” teams.    We only will do a “straight swap”  between 2 teams, NO EXCEPTIONS.